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Corpus Christi

Two weeks after Pentecost we keep the celebration of
the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ,
formerly called Corpus Christi.

Find out who began this devotion here.

You can read a description of the old Corpus Christi procession by Maria Von Trapp.

1. Check out the readings for the day.

2. Discuss the readings at home.
Check out one of these sites for background and questions for discussion.

Loyola Sunday Connection

Sadlier Connect

3. Find some fun activities to do while you continue the discussion.
Simple activity sheet
Hidden picture
Word searchlight
Coloring Sheet
Crossword puzzle
Word Search

4. Now what will you do or change in your life?

NB: Each week you can get more out of the liturgy by preparation and follow-up. Look at this page for suggestions.