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The key to understanding the meaning of Lent is simple:
      --preparing for Baptism
or renewing your baptismal commitment .

Ash Wednesday

"Hey kid, What's that on Your Forehead?

Busted Halo has a 2-minute YouTube about Ash Wednesday that's great.

or find out about Ash Wednesday from BBC.

These activities are great discussion starters.
  1.  jumbled word sheet
  2.  Word search
  3.  Challenge word search
Find some information about Lent

If Lent is 40 days, why are there 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter?

Here is a YouTube that answers questions about Lent.

And here is a YouTube about the purpose of fasting.

Check out some ideas to fast from and feast on.
Find some very practical and refreshing ideas for your family Lent.

Find 40 bits of advice from great authors.

Ideas for Lent from Good Ground Press.

Want some great ideas for practicing a generous Lent?

Student, try some Odd Lent Ideas shown here.



Lenten Calendars

The Rice Bowl offers a calendar of ideas and weekly recipes.

Try this unique Greek Lenten Calendar

This Lenten calendar follows a path for kids to color.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a mercy calendar.

Stations of the Cross


The Stations of the Cross are a favorite Lenten prayer.

Here are the Stations of the Cross by Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl.

This version of the stations of the cross for children is printable.

Lenten Foods

Pretzels are a meaninful Lenten food.
Here is a recipe for super easy
soft pretzels from tube breadsticks, but you won't want to use the egg and the dip.
Try this great pretzel story for you and your children is here.

For easier Hot Cross Buns see here or here or use your favorite scone recipe.

Hot cross buns, a European stable on Good Friday, are made of sweet, spiced dough with icing shaped in the form of a cross. They were commonly distributed to the poor, and even considered a blessing against sickness and house fires. Do you remember this:

Hot cross buns. Hot cross buns.

One a penny, two a penny. Hot cross buns

If your daughter won't eat them give them to your son

One a penny, two a penny. Hot cross buns

Saint Patrick's Day
During Lent we take a break to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

Read about St Patrick and the shamrock.
Color a picture of St Patrick