Enter then, all of you, into the joy of our Lord.

First and last, receive alike your reward.

Rich and poor, dance together.

You who fasted and you who have not fasted, rejoice together.

The table is fully laden: let all enjoy it.

The calf is fatted: let none go away hungry.

--St. John Chrysostom, Easter Sermon


Celebrate Easter with six Christians who have poured out their lives in love. Journey the seven weeks of Easter with Dorothy Day, Francis of Assisi, Hildegard of Bingen, Teilhard de Chardin, Paul the apostle, and Julian of Norwich. Click here.


Why does Easter seem to go on forever? You do the math.

What does "taking the cake" mean?

This Irish custom dates back to medieval times but may be much older. It wasn't only held on Easter Sunday. It was a means of celebrating, so might also be held to mark the beginning of Summer, the bringing in of the harvest or any other excuse for fun on a fine sunny evening.

The focus of this tradition was a cake, usually a barm brack (a currant loaf) with animals, birds and fishes marked out on its raised crust. This cake would be placed in a prominent position and fussily placed on a piece of Irish linen or other fine white cloth, and then the music would start up and the dancing begin.

Depending on the locality or the sentiments of the day, the winners might be the couple who danced longest or were judged to have been the most sprightly. They were declared to have the right of 'taking the cake' and could share it with their friends.

The Cake Dance was one of the most popular and widespread of Irish Easter traditions and continued to be a feature of the season until well into the 20th century. from - http://www.irish-genealogy-toolkit.com/Irish-Easter.html


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