What is Pentecost?

Check out this 2-minute video from Busted Halo.

Why celebrate Pentecost?

Before Pentecost was a Christian festival, it was a Jewish holiday. Pentecost was a harvest festival 50 days after the Passover. (Pente means 50 in Greek.) The crops were harvested and the people celebrated with great feasts.

Pentecost is a great day of celebration for Christians! Pentecost comes 50 days after Easter. But the date isn’t nearly as exciting as the events of the very first Pentecost. You can read that Bible story in Acts 2. As you do that together, list all the surprises that happened that day!

On Pentecost today, Christians celebrate the first coming of the Holy Spirit to the church. RED is the liturgical color for Pentecost.

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Scripture and Liturgy

This entry for Pentecost is from the Catholic encyclopedia (1917 copyright). Rose petals, trumpets and horse races? Check out the customs in the last paragraph. For Kids: Read the story of Pentecost and see pictures.Read a very realistic version of the Pentecost story retold by A McBride

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Or try this quiz about Pentecost celebrations.

Home and Family

Ethel Marbach in this entry from her 1964 book explains some ideas for the home.

Find some great ideas for a family Pentecost

Here are some recipes, more recipes, and activities

...and I almost forgot our all time family favorite: Pin the Flame on the Disciple.

Wind Activities

Wind is a great symbol for the Holy Spirit because wind cannot be seen, but the effects of wind can be seen, heard and felt.

Just like the Spirit among us.

What is wind?

Lots of ideas from Curious George.

Would you like to make a wind sock, an easy kite or a wind chime?

You could construct your own weathervane

You can use your own breath for these: Soap Bubbles, Bubble Gum, Wind painting.

Try making your own balloon rocket.

Paper wind rockets that shoot off a straw.

From the Artist's Eye

Do you want to see the way people from different cultures picture what happened on Pentecost?

Africa, 6th century Syriac, Assisi 1290's Thailand, He Qi