Interactive Notebook

What is It?

Interactive Notebook (INB): a student notebook governed by several rules:

1) session input goes on one side while personal output goes on the other side of facing pages,

2) pages are permanently bound in the book such as in a composition or spiral notebook.

The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable you to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where you will be asked to express your own ideas and process the information presented.

Interactive is the key word here

Right Side pages - INPUT

notes and new ideas

monthly title page

handouts, foldables

Left side pages - OUTPUT

process the information

opinions, feeling, making connections

anything creative

Faith Formation INBs

Our sessions are so short and there never seems to be enough time to reflect on and process what takes place.

Our whole purpose in using INBs is

to record some new or important ideas from our sessions and

to reflect on the activities we engage in when we meet.

With the students it is important that we follow-up on activities,

reinforce what is learned, and extend their learning

How is it used?

At each session there will be sheets to put into your notebook or ideas given to make notes in your INB. This goes on the right side.

On the left side you will be asked to respond to this information in a style that you choose. The more creative the better. You decide based on what you like to do best. Cater to your learning style.

Here is a list of fun examples from

#1 Draw Pictures Which Demonstrate The Meaning

#2 Create A Chapter Test With A 10 Question Matching Section & 4 Multiple Choice Items.

#3 Write A List Of 10 Reasons Why

#4 Find 3 Websites, Which Provide More Info. Write 2 Facts You Learned From Visiting Each Website

#5 In Words Or More, Describe

#6 Choose The Most Important Concept and Explain The Concept To A Young Child

#7 Choose A Concept & Then Describe How This Applies To A “Real Life” Situation. Make A Comparison

#8 Make A Set Of Flashcards With At Least 8 Words Write The Word On The Top Of The Flashcard. Write The Def. & Picture Demonstrating The Meaning Underneath On Your Notebook Paper

#9 Create A Crossword Puzzle Using At Least 10 Vocabulary Words

#10 Create a Concept Map with One Key Vocabulary Word/Concept in the Center. You must use at least 5 words or concepts to complete the Map

#11 Write A Letter To A Friend Explaining What You Learned

#12 Design A Book Or Magazine Cover

#13 Create An Advertisement

#14 Create a Word Search. However, Instead of Word Clues You Must Use Definitions at the bottom and then find the Word in the Puzzle

Etc, etc, etc.