Meeting Plans

Our next meeting is on Sunday, 6 October 2024.

Please fill out the RSVP form below if you can join us! St. Kate’s students, people with children, people without children, indeed anyone who is interested in the topic of hand. Whether you’ve joined us for years, or are brand new, we hope you’ll come!

We gather at 8:30am in Room 218 of Whitby Hall on the campus of St. Catherine's University. When you arrive use the door on the east side of the building. There is a call box by the door to request entrance if it is locked, just let security know you are there for faith formation. Then come to the second floor using the elevator that is half way down the hall. Our meeting room is to the right at the end of the hall.

Please consult this campus map for more details or context.

Plan to bring one item to serve about ten people for our potluck breakfast. Fill in the form below to tell us what food you will bring and how many are coming from your household. (There is a list below the form of what others are already planning to bring.)