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This month's meeting.

May 7 Faith Formation will meet in Coeur de Catherine, room 370 at 8:30 a.m. This building is south of the chapel and connected by a walkway.

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Center of the year and center of our lives

Chi Rho meaning

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review any pages their family did during the month

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Liturgical calendar

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Our sessions and family activity

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Holy Heroes Sunday Activities

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Catholic Mom list of resources

  • The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has issued these guidelines for reception of First Communion.

Dear brothers and sisters,

the glory of the Lord has shone upon us,

and shall ever be manifest among us,

until the day of his return.

Through the rhythms of times and seasons

let us celebrate the mysteries of salvation.

Let us recall the year's culmination,

the Easter Triduum of the Lord:

his last supper, his crucifixion, his burial,

and his rising celebrated

between the evening of the Twenty-Eighth day of March

and the evening of the Thirtieth day of March,

Easter Sunday being on the Thirty-First day of March.

Each Easter -- as on each Sunday --

the Holy Church makes present the great and saving deed

by which Christ has for ever conquered sin and death.

From Easter are reckoned all the days we keep holy.

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent,

will occur on the Thirteenth day of February.

The Ascension of the Lord will be commemorated on the Twelfth day of May.

Pentecost, joyful conclusion of the season of Easter,

will be celebrated on the Nineteenth day of May.

And, this year the First Sunday of Advent will be

on the First day of December.

Likewise the pilgrim Church proclaims the passover of Christ

in the feasts of the holy Mother of God,

in the feasts of the Apostles and Saints,

and in the commemoration of the faithful departed.

To Jesus Christ, who was, who is, and who is to come,

Lord of time and history,

be endless praise, for ever and ever.


At our first meeting we will pair up anyone who would like from our group. As we did last year we will meet with that person outside of our meetings to get to know each other better. More information next Sunday. If you would like a partner but will not be able to come, let me know and I will pair you up with someone at the gathering.


Prayer: how do I grow in my relationship with God?

Prayer Captain.

Learning: how do I grow in my knowledge of my faith?

Continued search after meetings.

Service: how do i serve others?

Service Captain?

Community: how do I grow in relationships with my community?



Basilica Tour


Pope Benedict XVI will canonize two new American saints on October 21. Introduce these two special women to your faith community with the new Catholic UpdateTwo New American Saints: Kateri Tekakwitha and Marianne Cope.”

These women were inspired by God’s love to love others.

  • St. Marianne was a teacher and leader in serving the sick at hospitals in New York. She is best known for her ministry to those disfigured and disabled by Hansen’s disease (formerly known as leprosy) in Hawaii.
  • St. Kateri lived a short life of quiet holiness in upstate New York and Canada. Disfigured by smallpox, she was ostracized by her Mohawk clan following her Baptism. Escaping to a Christian enclave near Montreal, she lived her faith by teaching the young, serving the sick and elderly, and dedicating herself to prayer.

What saints are special to you? Why?


Hallow or Hollow?

Hallowtide Trivia

From ghoulies and ghosties

And long-leggedy beasties

And things that go bump in the night,

Good Lord, deliver us!

Halloween Prayer by Michalene Murphy

Lord of Light and Darkness,

the days grow short and our spirits flag,