A parent resource well worth reading:

Liturgy--The Mass

Print this page. Cut it into pieces. Now, put the pieces in the correct order and glue them to another sheet of paper.

To see the changes in the Roman Missal look here.

Church Tour

Here are three books worth checking out for your family:

Some background reading for adults:

Playing some games together is always good for review.

    • Younger children can design their own church here.
    • Build your own church--for Lego lovers
    • An online game for labeling parts of the church
  • A Crossword puzzle to print
  • A church tour in pictures

Computer Game Links

On this page there are links to computer games for three different age levels.

Part way down this page you will find activities for different grade levels.

These typical computer activities have a religious theme

at this site there are a couple of more games.

Works of Mercy

Find out how many and what they are here.

For a history of the Corporal Works of Mercy read this.

And for a great reflection and plan of action by the Maryknolls click here.


You will find a list of Common Catholic Prayers at this site.

There is quite an inclusive list of prayers here.

These are some interesting ideas about prayer for the young child.


Bible Activity Worksheets

Weekly Mass Worksheet Archives from Catholic Mom

Seasonal activities by Pflaum publishing at various grade levels. (You need to create a password.)

All about Mary

Weekly Sunday Family Scripture Links

These publishers of faith formation textbooks have web sites containing weekly background and activities for families. Check them out.

Sadlier or Cyber Faith

Faith First

Loyola Press or Christ Our Life

Harcourt Religion

Go to the Pflaum website and select Family Pages on the left. You will need to create a username and password. (Make it something the whole family can remember and use.) In the center of the page are the 4 areas for parents to visit and share with their family. On the right are activities for each level of the Gospel Weeklies

CAFOD offers resources, too.

Activites for each Sunday's Scriptures.

The Liturgical Catechist

Holy Heroes Sunday Activities

Here is great list of Sunday resources

Catholic Mom list of resources