On this page are some good points for determining your child's readiness.


You can begin now to prepare for First Communion every Sunday when you attend the Eucharistic Liturgy.

Read this list with your child and each Sunday focus on one idea from this list.

Participation ideas for Mass

Where do the Holy Communion Hosts come from?

You can read about it here.

Or you may want to view a YouTube together.

Here is the story on one sheet.

Games to play as a family.

Review the chapters in your child's materials.

Work together to put the Lord's Prayer in order.

GREAT game to play together as a family!

and more games for your family.

Or thy these games: parts of the Mass

Try a textbook review: Grade 2, chapters 16 & 17

To prepare for First Communion day, these are things it would be good for your child to know:

    1. Sign of the Cross
    2. Lord's Prayer
    3. Response to the Baptismal Promises
    4. What to say before receiving Communion.
    5. How to
      1. bow
      2. hold hands to receive Communion
      3. exchange peace
      4. bring up the offertory gifts
      5. help set the table

Parent Background

Here are some places for you to gain background.