Saint Patrick

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Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. When Patrick was in his teens he was kidnapped to Ireland and spent six years there in captivity working as a shepherd. When Patrick escaped he returned to Britain where he became a priest and then a bishop. Patrick returned to Ireland as a missionary to share God's love with the Irish people.

* Watch this YouTube story about Patrick.

(but his birth year is 385 not 35)

or share this YouTube about St Patrick's Day with your children.

Read about St. Patrick and the shamrock.

For younger ones here is a short story of Patrick and a dot-to-dot shamrock.

You can color a picture of St Patrick by Paper Dali.

St. Patrick's Lorica or Breastplate is a powerful Celtic prayer attributed to Saint Patrick. Here are some of the most famous lines.

View the entire Prayer here with an explanation.

* Listen to a sung version of the St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer.

* Run off this St. Patrick prayer to color and pray.

DID YOU KNOW St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, but Catholic Relief Services has asked us to turn to St. Patrick for remembering victims of human trafficking? Do you know why? Check it out here.