Please sign up for our Second Stork Service opportunity on March 12.

We will gather from noon to 12:15 p.m. at 130 Eva Street, St. Paul 55107

(across the river from downtown St. Paul) for a potluck meal.

Check what others are bringing and then sign up here.

We will help sort and pack leaving by 3:30 or when you need to leave.

Here is an additional note from Second Stork.

Thank you for signing up to volunteer at Second Stork!

We could not do what we do with out help from people like you!

In addition to the diaper operations that your group will be working on, Second Stork also gives hospitals other basics, including lightweight receiving/swaddling blankets and NEWBORN sized sleepers. These items are given to mothers with no clothing to take their baby out of hospital. If your group might be willing to also bring donated items to your volunteer day, we would very much appreciate it. This is, however, totally optional.

Again, Thin cotton or flannel receiving blankets and size preemie, newborn or 0-3 months one-piece sleepers. It is important to know that the clothing is used so the baby has clothing to wear as they leave the hospital, hence bigger sizes are not applicable and our volunteers have then try to return and exchange at various stores.

Please note too that all items must be NEW as hospitals cannot distribute used items. Thank you!

Second Stork is located at 130 Eva Street, which is just across the river and the Robert Street bridge from downtown St. Paul. It is one block east of Robert and is bounded by Fillmore on the north and Plato on the south. We have very easy parking and there is plenty of space. Also, we are handicap accessible.

You may bring music, beverages, [unfortunately, there is no water fountain at our facility, you may want to suggest that people bring something to drink], treats; we just ask that your clean up when you are leaving and you will need to take any trash with you when you go.